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Vacancy City Date of
E-mail for
resumes sending
Automation engineer* city world wide 01.05.18 [email protected]
Electrical engineer* city world wide 01.05.18 [email protected]
Turbocharger engineer* city world wide 01.05.18 [email protected]
Diesel engine engineer* city world wide 01.05.18 [email protected]
Motormen* city world wide 01.05.18 [email protected]
Fitters* city world wide 01.05.18 [email protected]
Manager for ships freight Odessa 01.12.2015 [email protected]
Operations manager for contracts exection Odessa 01.04.2018 [email protected]
Inspector (Ukraine, China, India, Germany, Netherlands, Indonesia, Spain, UK,
USA, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,
Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others)
01.12.2015 [email protected]
Sales manager Odessa 01.12.2015 [email protected]

*All should be experienced on board the LNG/LPG vessels or tanker vessels. Ready for frequent travels as the member of afloat (voyage) repair and maintenance team. Actual seamen passport and certificates required. The repair team is focused for main engine and diesel generators overhauling and malfunctions troubleshooting of MAN / B&W and Wartsila brands.