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фото Fertilizers inspection

Fertilizers inspection

Urea fertilizer inspection
NPK fertilizer inspection
Potassium carbonate inspection (potash)
Sulphur fertilizer inspection
Anhydrous ammonia fertilizer inspection
Granular TSP fertilizer inspection
UAN solution inspection (urea and ammonium nitrate)
Sodium sulfate inspection
Ammonium sulfate (ammonium nitrate) inspection
Liquid / solution fertilizer inspection
Others fertilizers inspection like: SOP (sulfate of potash), MOP (muriate of potash), DAP (diammonium phosphate) and MAP (monoammonium phosphate)
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The primary function of official fertilizers inspection is to facilitate the marketing and sale of fertilizers by providing accurate and consistent inspection and weighing information that describes the quantity and quality of fertilizers being bought and sold.

To avoid misunderstandings or claims and disputes between contractual trade partners, which can be related to the agreed parameters of traded goods or commodities, it is beneficial to have additional supporting documents from independent and professional inspection company.

It is a standard for international judicial and arbitrage practices as well as for insurance companies to use services of independent inspection companies (surveyors), as a third party which is often called in arbitration cases as a witness or professional independent expert.

Often, the presence of a specialist at the inspection site - with professional knowledge and many years of experience - is able to prevent attempts of any illegal manipulation with fertilizers.

Competent inspectors of CISS GROUP carry out all the necessary measurements and calculations, promptly informing their clients about any contractual violations, inconsistencies or damages observed.

Full range of fertilizer inspection services

Full range of fertilizer inspection services photo

They provide photo and video evidence, and other documentary support of the logistic process and produce detailed inspection report or certificate. If any non-compliance with contract specification, or a threat to the safety or damage of the cargo is observed our inspectors notify our clients immediately on 24/7 bases and proper action to avoid or limit the damages is advised and implemented.

We have extensive experience with fertilizers factories and selling/buying trading organizations. Testing performed in accordance with international standards and national methods (ISO, CEN, TFI – The Fertilizer Institute) and others.

The international inspection company CISS GROUP has direct branches and its inspectors all over the world, protect the clients, help and control the quality and quantity of cargo during loading/discharge.

CISS GROUP certificates and reports are successfully used in various disputes and are recognized by international trading banks and trading community.

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