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About us

When we at work – you can relax!

Many business owners and entrepreneurs who are involved in leading international trade should focus on their core business, without spending time on the control of the parties to fulfil contractual obligations, specifications and liabilities.

We have been  teamed up and created a group of companies in Singapore CISS Group Pte.Ltd.

Under one so-called «umbrella brand name»​ CISS abbreviation means Commodities International Shipping and Survey.

The CISS Group consists of three different independent business directions:  

In the Survey:

In the Shipping:

That is why we have company tagline «It's shipping and survey».

In order​ to offer an active and  developing businesses around the world, we use only the best practices and business solutions.

CISS – a company with a progressive approach, focusing in a fundamentally new level of cooperation with customers in the matter of providing services.

Key and TOP management of CISS are professionals with experience of more than 10 years in large international companies. We took the best out of our experience, combined with modern IT technologies.
Thanks to the successful cooperation with key players («blue chips») in the commodities market, CISS can truly be called as the most customer-oriented company.

CISS – our competitive advantages of a successful approach:

  1. Deep understanding of customers business.
  2. The approach to contribute the growth and development of our partners.
  3. Integration of services with IT technology.
  4. The accuracy, accountability and integrity.
  5. The flexible and individual rates formation.
  6. First class international accreditations.
  7. Providing of comprehensive and all including rates.
  8. The laboratory research and analyses performed in independent laboratories around the world.

CISS has been actively involved in the business of our customer and grows with you, thus helping ensure that your companies with us become leader in the global business community.


CISS Corporate Code of practice

Principles of business ethics
CISS is committed to adhere to the principles of independence, impersonal and hight professionalof level of its activities.
Conflict of interest
CISS is committed to avoid conflicts of interest with any of the subjects, for which the company has a financial or commercial interest, and that it should provide services.
The fight against corruption
CISS is not supported and does not allow any transactions involving with corruption schemes.
CISS undertakes to handle the information received in the course of providing services as confidential, provided that such information is not already published, it is not generally available to third parties or is not in the public.
Fair marketing
CISS is committed to conduct a fair, non-misleading marketing policy, including in relation to competitors.


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