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Top management and employees

CISS – a team of professionals with many years of experience in their respective industries.

Each department is headed by Executive Vice-President. The activities in each region in charge of the Regional Executive Director or Head of Department.

The Executive Director of the CISS GROUP, Executive Vice-Presidents, Regional Executive Directors, as well as Chief Financial Officer and Independent Directors all forming the Executive operating BOARD.

During the year, members of the board hold regular meetings to determine corporate strategies and priorities, and to evaluate the activity and development of the company.

TOP – managers

CEO, Chairman of the Board
Responsible for the strategic development of the GROUP and investments. Chairman of the operating Board. Member of the Institute of Marine Engineers (IMarEST) and the Institute of Shipbrokers (ICS), LONDON.
Vice-President Operation, Member of the Company Board of Directors
Responsible for operations and inspections executions of the Group to the highest technical standards and company code of ethics. As a member of the company Board of Directors oversees the development and investment strategies.
Commercial Director, Member of the Company Board of Directors.
Responsible for the commercial activities of the Group. As a member of the company Board of Directors CISS GROUP oversees the commercial and marketing strategies.
Serdar AKSOY
Co-Founder CISS GROUP Turkey
Business Drive, Strategic Planning, Team Building, New Product Development and Operations.
Seçkin ERTÜN
Co-Founder CISS GROUP Turkey
Development & marketing sales of services inside Turkey territory. Managing organizational sales by developing a business plan that covers sales, revenue and expense controls.
Managing Partner, CISS GROUP Netherlands and Member of the Company Board of Directors
Responsible for operations execution, contractor’s management and business development of GROUP activities in the North European Region (ARAG).
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