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фото Diagnostics of vibrating elements of marine machineries and engines

Diagnostics of vibrating elements of marine machineries and engines

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Diagnostics of vibrating elements of marine engines and their components through laser measurement and calculation is very important and sought after service in marine and other associated industries.

CISS GROUP - using in-house expertise and reputable measuring devices of PRUFTECHNIK - provides professional services in the field of machinery diagnostics. Always the aim of our services is to provide highly professional support to the needs of our clients.

Our diagnostics services allow more effective and longer work of serviced by us marine machinery. Our professional knowledge and service allows proper schedule of maintenance which leads to the reduction of operational cost of the serviced machinery.

We offer the following specific services:

  • Technical expertise
  • Dynamic alignment of rotors of ventilators, turbines and their bearings
  • Appraisal of dynamic vibration RMS (ISO 10816-3,4,7)
  • Analysis of FFT vibration, condition assessment of gear boxes and electrical engines
  • Condition assessment of SPM bearings
  • Measurement of resonance frequency
  • Laser alignment of shafts (horizontal and vertical multi shafts assemblies) with the accuracy of 0.01 mm
  • Laser alignments of pulleys with the accuracy of 0.1 mm
  • Laser measurements of concentricity of bearings, marine shafts and turbines with accuracy of 0.01 mm/30 mb.
  • Laser measurements of rectilinearity, flatness and perpendicularity with accuracy of 0.01/30mb
  • Preventive diagnostics of the condition of the machinery, damage report
  • Personal training in the field of expertise and laser diagnostics

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