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фото P&I club, ships and equipment inspection

P&I club, ships and equipment inspection

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Yacht survey
SIRE and vetting inspections
Insurance and P&I Clubs inspections
RoRo inspection
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Inspection of loading of vessels:
• any pre-sampling and pre-shipment inspection of cargo
• acceptance of the holds / containers for cleanliness and suitability for carriage of a particular cargo
• round the clock (24 hours) monitoring of loading
• sampling of cargo in accordance with GAFTA, FOSFA, ISO standards
• determination of the amount of cargo loaded by calculating water displacement (draught surveys: initial / final, intermediate, barges)
• presence during staffing or loading in the container and flexi-tanks
• installing of secure seals on the container doors and samples
• photo reports of all inspection stages and process
• tally count (counting the number of boxes, bags, packages, etc.).
• any laboratory tests and analyzes of all kinds of goods

Ship inspection, equipment, etc.:
• verification of the amount of bunker fuel remaining on the vessel (ON / OFF hire survey)
• investigation of equipment breakdowns and emergency cases on board (including oil spills) with the issuance of the independent certificate with conclusions about the reasons that caused the equipment failure
• independent monitoring of the training of crews and their actions in case of emergency alarm (fire alarm, the alarm to save the ship from sinking, rescue alarm, man overboard, and others.)
• performance testing of life-saving equipment

We can also make marine technical survey like:
1) On/off hire survey, bunker & condition survey, including lab. analyses for all petroleum products
2) Damage inspection
3) Loss prevention inspection
4) Pre-purchase (or after-sales) survey (Ships & Cargo)
5) Marine casualties, collisions, grounding, stranding, pollution survey
6) Supercargo service
7) SIRE & Vetting survey
9) Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE)

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