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фото Range of additional services

Range of additional services

GPS monitoring

• Tracking of the vehicle movement by means of satellite navigation systems

• Electronic Card of fields

• Topographic geodesy (the exact binding sites to a dedicated piece of land)

Temperature and humidity control in the cargo during delivery process (“cold chain” of delivery) by means of sensors “X-Sence”

This service is usually provided for food, transported in reefer containers: frozen fish, meat, bananas, citrus and others.

Physical support of cargoes

Support Cargo delivery from the place of loading (factory, warehouse) to the point of delivery and discharging (warehouse, port)

Ultrasonic test of ship’s hatch covers

Checking out the integrity of rubber gaskets in the hatch covers

Control of cargo securing onboard the vessel and inside of container

Measuring the volume of bulk cargo in a stock pile and calculation of weight of cargo with a laser theodolite “Leica Geosystem”

Consultancy and advisement in the field of cargo insurance

FOG – full outturn guarantee

Complex of PORT-TO-PORT inspection services in order to provide survey services in the port of loading and port of unloading.

If some shortage of cargo will detected after unloading, the insurance company will compensate the loss.

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