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фото AGRI commodities survey

AGRI commodities survey

Grains and oilseeds:

• wheat

• barley

• corn

• sunflower seeds

• rapeseeds

• soybeans

• sorghum

• flax seeds

• peas

• sunflower Meal and cake

• soy / rapeseed meal

• wheat bran (including granular)

• sugar, molasses, beet pulp inspection and others

• incoming quality control of grains for inland siloses

• outgoing control of grains during loading into railway wagons and tracks at the inland siloses

• incoming quality control of grains at the delivery to the port terminals

• fumigation, aeration and disinfestation (including but not limited in floor storage warehouses, vertical silos, as well as on the vessels)

Predicting the future of the crop (crop monitoring)

ORGANIC farming

Vegetable oils:

• Sunflower oil:

Crude sunflower oil refined and deodorized

• Soybean oil

• Canola oil

• Tropical oils and their fractions: palm, coconut