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Oil inspections

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The primary function of official oil inspection is to facilitate the marketing and sale of oil by providing accurate and consistent inspection and weighing information that describes the quantity and quality of oil being bought and sold.

To avoid misunderstandings or claims and disputes between contractual trade partners, which can be related to the agreed parameters of traded goods or commodities, it is beneficial to have additional supporting documents from independent and professional inspection company.

Inspection (survey) services can be described as an independent professional control of the quality and quantity of goods and commodities during various logistic operations of export and import.

It is a standard for international judicial and arbitrage practices as well as for insurance companies to use services of independent inspection companies (surveyors), as a third party which is often called in arbitration cases as a witness or professional independent expert.

Often, the presence of a specialist at the inspection site with professional knowledge and many years of experience can prevent attempts at any illegal manipulation of the oil.

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Competent inspectors of CISS GROUP carry out all the necessary measurements and calculations, promptly informing their clients about any contractual violations, inconsistencies or damages observed.

They provide photo and video evidence, and other documentary support of the logistic process and produce detailed inspection report or certificate. If any non-compliance with contract specification, or a threat to the safety or damage of the cargo is observed our inspectors notify our clients immediately on 24/7 bases and proper action to avoid or limit the damages is advised and implemented.

The ever growing rates of economic development with rapid population growth in large-scale industrial countries are a powerful stimulus for an increase in world import demand for oilseed goods, such as sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, tropical oils and their fractions. An additional factor is the accelerated urbanization process in developing countries. The structure of supply and demand also depends on the tightening requirements for the quality of food, characteristic of recent years.

Consequently, oil inspections are one of the most demanded by our clients services, hence it is an area of priority for the CISS GROUP.

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With our own independent laboratories and FOSFA accreditation, we are ready to offer you:

  • incoming control of the delivered oils to the tanks or port terminal
  • outcoming control from the factories or tanks
  • inspection of vessel`s holds (containers) cleanliness and the confirmation of its suitability to carry of a particular type of cargo. Issuance of the cleanliness certificate
  • inspection of hatch covers conditions
  • 24 hours’ visual inspection of the loading process and visual assessment of the quality of the goods
  • sampling during loading and preparation of composite sample representing the whole quantity of cargo as per international sampling standards
  • laboratory testing of all types of oils in accordance with the local and international requirements and standards (ISO, USDA, ASTM, DIN, GOST, DSTU) and also with specific customer requirements
  • control of liquid oil loading in flexi-tanks
  • advanced analysis of the oil for: pesticides, mycotoxins, GMO, dioxins, radioactivity and heavy metals
  • weight control during vessel loading or discharge based on vessel calculation as well as cargo outturn confirmation based on shore measurement.
  • сhecking validity of metrological certification of scales
  • draught surveys (initial, final, intermediate) of seagoing vessels and barges
  • control of cargo staffing into container
  • sealing of the holds of the vessel / container
  • checking technical condition of the warehouses and conteiners for its suitability for storage of the particular cargo
  • confirmation of the oil volume/tonnage accumulated in warehouses or in the port for banks and insurance companies. FCR confirmation (FCR– forwarders certificate of receipt)
  • Verifying the compliance of labeling and packaging with specifications
  • 24/7 presence, control and protective action on behalf of our clients

The international inspection company CISS GROUP has direct branches and its inspectors all over the world, protect the clients, help and control the quality and quantity of cargo during loading/discharge.

CISS GROUP certificates and reports are successfully used in various disputes and are recognized by international trading banks and trading community.

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