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Fumigation is a process aimed at combating pests in various agriculture products. Such measure allows you to protect grains, legumes, dried fruits, nuts and other products from damage caused by insects and rodents during storage in silos of elevators, warehouses, as well as during cargo transportation by grain carriers, containers and ships.

Farmers in various countries are loosing from 7 to 25% of their total harvest of grain every year due to damage caused by pests. Due to this various requirements are imposed on such goods during the production, storage and transportation by quarantine authorities. That is why the proper fumigation process of grain is essential for this agricultural production. Fumigation of grain and/or chemical disinfection of warehouses will prevent losses because during the treatments all harmful organisms are destroyed.

CISS GROUP provides fumigation services to agricultural holdings, elevators, trading companies at any part of the supply chain around the world.

For fumigation of grain crops, we use only effective products and allowed by quarantine authorities products and high-quality equipment.

The entire fumigation process is performed by highly skilled and experienced staff. Our personnel is always using special personal protective equipment.

Our specialists always follow carefully prepared working instructions adequate for particular fumigating agents and equipment used. They are also well trained in first aid as the safety of our staff is the first priority for CISS GROUP.

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Fumigation is carried out by shallow, deep or combined probing technics (introduction of fumigant in the form of tablets or granules into the required layer of the cargo using a special probe) or by gassing (using a hot or cold mist generator). It is also very important to follow proper guidelines of fumigant exposure as well as following degassing and ventilation period to ensure that fumigating gas does not remain on the grain, so it can be consequently used as food cargo.

The fumigation process of grain can be applied during storage in warehouses as well during transportation operations (vessels cargo holds, containers, big bags, etc.).

The fumigation in the holds of the vessel is most frequently performed method for grain fumigation.

Disinfection of transported grain in the holds of ships is carried out by the method of recirculation or the so-called phytoexplofumigation. The recirculation method ensures that the fumigant in the form of gas is distributed evenly throughout the entire interior cargo space.

Phytoexplofumigation introduces the fumigants into the cargo, via perforated gas distribution tubes, which are vertically places in the grain after loading. It is worth noting that before fumigating grain, it is necessary to determine the degree of its contamination by the pests, carefully preparing the entire process.

At the end of the required exposure period, the ventilation openings of the holds are opened on the ship and degassing is carried out.

The CISS GROUP company provides the fumigation service of grain crops for the entire logistic chain agricultural holdings, storage facilities, grain carriers, wagons, containers, etc.

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Photo and video report of fumigation.

The process of fumigation of grain crops is recorded in photos and videos. All materials clearly display the date and time if recorded events. At the end of the work, CISS GROUP provides a client with a detailed report of all stages of the fumigation process which includes photos and videos.


The CISS GROUP company, as an accredited GAFTA FUMIGATION OPERATOR, issues certificates of international standard based on the results of fumigation. This certificate includes the method, dosage, composition of the fumigant, the minimum exposure time, the required aeration time. Fumigation Certificate is included in the list of mandatory documents accompanying grain and oilseed cargoes. This is done to confirm that proper fumigation and degassing procedure were performed ensuring that the residues will not exceed international standards and the cargo is recognized as free from contamination.

The authenticity of the documents can be verified by the client using a unique QR code, which is the "key" to the CISS GROUP website, where pdf versions of certificates are stored. Our certificates are protected by a digital cryptographic signature, which also guarantees their authenticity and security.

Digitally signed certificates are often required by banks to verify the certificate when financing trade operations in the form of a letter of credit.

Certificate CISS GROUP - Fumigation Operator Member of Gafta

Draft of fumigation certificate

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