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Grain coloration

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Coloration is a special labeling of crops that is carried out for the purpose of subsequent identification of cereals intended for sowing, as well as as animal feed.

This marking allows you to identify the crop and its purpose without the need for special equipment.

Such requirements apply to products exported to a number of countries - such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunisia and Iran.

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CISS GROUP provides grain coloration services around the world.

The coloration procedure is carried out by staining with harmless food dyes, which are certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as well as relevant authorities of importing country.

The following colorants are among the permitted dyes:

  • Yellow S / Sunset (color - yellow), E 110;
  • Karmazin (color - red), E 122;
  • Green S (color - green), E 142.

The essence of the procedure is that the dye is sprayed on the surface of the grains in the form of a watery solution. During subsequent processing, the coloring substance can one easily removed from the grain.

Marking is usually carried out in port when loading cargo onto ships, and is often combined with grain fumigation.

During dyeing, it is fundamentally important to control that the grain is evenly colored, and the amount of dye does not exceed the calculated norms.

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In practice, the following coloration technologies are used:

  • Spraying dye over cargo using special spray nozzles.
  • Painting with spray guns attached to the end of the loading pipe.
  • Marking on conveyor belt with automatic spray system.

CISS GROUP can perform the coloration procedure in any of the above mentioned methods, both separately or in combination with fumigation and deratization. We provide these services with high quality and on time.

Our specialists carry out coloration work strictly in accordance with prevailing safety and environmental requirements as well as labor protection standards.

Photo and video report.

The inspector records each stage of the coloration process with photos and videos. All such data contain the date and time of recorded stage of inspection. At the end of the coloration, CISS GROUP provides a detailed photo report of all stages of control and inspection.


Based on the results of the coloration the final certificate or reports are issued. The client can check the authenticity of the documents using a unique QR code, which is the "key" to the CISS GROUP website, where pdf versions of certificates are stored. Our certificates are protected with a digital cryptographic signature, which also guarantees their reliability and security.

Digitally signed certificates are often required by banks to verify the integrity of trading process when financing trade operations in the form of a letter of credit.

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