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фото Disinfestation of warehouses and grain storages

Disinfestation of warehouses and grain storages

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Deratization is a service aimed at destroying harmful rodents (rats, mice, voles, moles, etc.) in granaries, industrial warehouses and adjacent territories. These pests damage the cargo during its storage, which leads to significant financial losses, and the rodents themselves are sources or carriers of infectious diseases.

CISS GROUP provides deratization services to agricultural holdings, elevators, trading companies at any part of the supply chain around the world. We use only effective chemicals and high quality equipment.

CISS GROUP specialists follow very strict instructions on how to work with the chemicals and equipment used. Safety of both CISS personal as well as as environment safety is our first priority. Deratization process is carried out exclusively in special personal protective equipment.

There are several methods of deratization.

Mechanical deratization involves catching rodents using traps and traps. For these purposes, plastic, metal, mechanical and adhesive traps are used.

Chemical deratization can be carried out with the use of poison baits, dusting the premises with special deratizing chemical, as well as gas treatment.

In the first case, baits with food fillers containing poison are laid out in the room. Most frequently cereals, sunflower seeds, bread, potatoes, minced meat and other food products are used. "Stuffed" traps are preliminarily placed in special boxes or directly into burrows, which excludes the possibility of poison getting into the product. The baits that have not been eaten by rodents within 10 days are removed and destroyed.

Dusting the premises is carried out using special dusting agents. Underground passages, burrows, crevices, routes of movement and possible places of concentration of rodents are processed. The entrance holes into the burrows are tightly plugged with cotton wool or hemp treated with appropriate chemicals.

Deratization by gases is achieved by releasing of gas under the ceiling of the room. Once applied it sinks to the surface and penetrates into the cracks. After the treatment procedure, the premises are ventilated, and the dead mammals are removed and disposed of.

Biological deratization involves the use of bacteria that belong to the Salmonella group.

We also use ultrasonic and acoustic devices to scare away mouse-like rodents. Such devices emit certain sounds that are perceived by the rodents as danger signals, which force them to leave their habitats.

Photo and video report.

The fumigation process is recorded on photos and videos. All materials contain the date and time indicated on them. Upon completion of the work, CISS GROUP provides the client with a detailed photo report of all stages of the process.


We issue certificates based on the results of fumigation. The client can check the authenticity of our documents using a unique QR code, which is the "key" to the CISS GROUP website, where pdf versions of certificates are stored. Our certificates are protected with a digital cryptographic signature, which also guarantees their authenticity and security.

Digitally signed certificates are often required by banks to verify the integrity of trading process when financing trade operations through letter of credit.

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